Between the Pages
No. 40: A Final Countdown
Comic No. 40
M. Doyle – 7/1/19

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Bradley Hand speaks:
It is said that cats have nine lives. This is true. What is generally less known is that cats are always aware which life they are currently living.

This can be somewhat stressful, and different cats deal with it in different ways. Some try to tiptoe through their lives, always choosing the safe path, taking no risks. Others, hearing the siren call of longevity, grab the bull by the horns and try to pack as much living into their early lives as possible - although if you go around grabbing bulls’ horns, that remaining time is not likely to be long.

Most of the time, through most of our lives, the knowledge lies quietly in the back of our minds, just another thread in the weft of our being. Just as we always know we are cats, or how to play with our food, or how to stare unblinkingly and disconcertingly at humans, it is simply an innate part of us.

Until those lives start to run out. Then the knowledge grows and swells in importance from barely audible to continuous hum to an alarm. This is why cats in their later lives sleep so much. While you are asleep, the continuously ringing klaxon is somewhat muted.

...I haven’t been able to sleep for days.

But this isn’t right. I can’t remember losing those other lives. I can’t believe I would be so foolishly spendthrift with my lives, but here I am. I must do something!

I hope the shark can help.

I don’t know what I will do if she can not.

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